The Ministry of Agriculture Republic of Liberia

Eat what you grow, grow what you eat

Honorable Jeanine M. Cooper, Minister of Agriculture


The Ministry of Agriculture was established by an Act of the Liberia Legislature on May 11, 1972. The 1972 Act repealed the 1964 law which created by the then Department of Agriculture (DOA) and assigned specific responsibilities to develop the Liberian agricultural sector.


“A Self-sufficient, Self-reliant and Sustainable Agricultural Sector by the year 2020″


“We believe that a sustainable and decentralized agricultural system is key to poverty reduction. Our mission is to create an enabling environment for a more dynamic and vibrant agricultural sector to ensure sustainable food security and employment opportunities for all Liberians”


The Minister heads the Ministry and is currently assisted by four Deputy Ministers and their respective Assistant Ministers. The Minister takes full responsibility of the execution of the Ministry’s mandate and reports to the Chief Executive and President of the country. The Minister’s office also has direct supervisory role over the Central Agricultural Research Institute (CARI)

Hon. Precious K Tetteh

Deputy Minister for Administration

Hon. Prof. Robert K. Fagans

Deputy Minister for Planning & Development(DMPD)

Hon. George Tee Forpoh

Deputy Minister for Regional Development Research and Extension(DMRDRE)

Hon. Leelia Rosamond Andrews

Deputy Minister for Technical Services (DMTS)

Role 1

Oversees and coordinates activities of each of the Departments of the Ministry

Role 2

Keeps abreast of potentially available international donor assistance

Role 3

Investigates and follows up on offers of international assistance that are consistent with development needs

Role 4

Handles necessary details relating to negotiations and agreements in connection with assistance from external sources

Role 5

Coordinates the activities of and provides assistance to foreign consultants and advisors working with the Ministry

Role 6

Coordinates international travel and arranges for appropriate dissemination of information from resulting reports


The Department of Administration is mandated to ensure proper management and coordination of administrative processes and procedures for the implementation of all agriculture programs and projects for the enhancement of food and nutrition security in Liberia. Six divisions serve as supporting arms of the administration. Their combined efforts help the administration effectively and efficiently manage and coordinate the affairs of the ministry. They are Finance, Procurement, Internal Audit, Human Resource, Asset Management, Communication. They are headed by Directors.
The Department of Planning and Development is responsible for providing policy advice on agricultural economic issues and engaging in strategic planning and sector coordination in order to promote and stimulate the development of agriculture. Its principal functions include providing guidance for planning and allied functions for the establishment and maintenance of proper direction for development purposes; developing priority programs for the enhancement of agriculture; and monitoring and evaluating the performance of agricultural programs as well as providing agriculture statistics for policy planning and government guard to sector growth and economic planning.
Planning & Development
The Department of Regional Development, Research and Extension (DRDRE) exercises oversight of regional development in agricultural production, research in socio-economic programs and extension delivery services within the framework of the demand-driven farmer-based extension system. The department is technically the operative arm of the Ministry of Agriculture with the core function of delivering agricultural extension services to farmer in order to empower farmers and improve their productivity, income and employment potentials.
Research and Extension
It is responsible for providing technical information and support for all agricultural production entities and users within the confines of Liberia. The Department accumulates, synthesizes and evaluates technical information for applicability and adoption to Liberia farm conditions and packages them for dissemination through the Extension Department. The Department comprises the Animal Resource (Livestock), Crop Resource, Land & Water Resources and Quarantine & Environmental Services Divisions; and the Bureau of National Fisheries (BNF) and the South-South Cooperation.
Technical Services

The Program Management Unit (PMU)

The MOA is enhancing its capacity to carry out large scale agricultural development projects, especially those funded by International Financial Institutions (IFIs) and other partners, to improve production, storage, marketing and exports, and to sustain the country’s economic growth and food security.